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In an age in which technology, tablets, and gadgets play a critical role in our lives, it's more important than ever to remind ourselves and our children of the importance of using our imaginations to play and grow. My Blank Page does just that!

It all starts with a blank piece of paper, as so many great ideas do. A young boy is bored, with seemingly nothing to do. As he allows his mind to wander, his imagination transports him beyond the walls of his room on an unforgettable pirate adventure. Throughout his make-believe journey, he uses blank pieces of paper to shape, create, and draw the tools he needs to prosper in a fictitious pirate world. From swords, hats, and plaques to telescopes, treasure maps, and long-lost paintings, he creates as he plays and propels his adventure onward with nothing more than his mind and some paper.

Fueled by the endless opportunities represented by a blank page, this story encourages creativity and imaginative play in children and gets readers of all ages to ask themselves "what can I do with a blank piece of paper?"

about the author

Hi! I’m Tracy Weldon, author and creator of My Blank Page. This children’s book is very near and dear to my heart, as I strongly believe in the power of creativity and the benefits of cultivating a child’s imagination.

I was inspired to write this book while pregnant with my son, Ryan. I wanted to create a fun, entertaining, and engaging way to show him the limitless power of his own mind. After the concept came to me, I grabbed a stack of paper and started to fold, twist and create…just as the little boy in the story does. As my imagination transformed the pieces of paper, the words came to me and the little boy’s journey began to unfold.

My goal with bringing My Blank Page to life was to promote the importance of imaginative play in a child’s development. It seems activities like crafting, running around outside, and building forts now have to compete with gadgets, screens, and devices. My fondest childhood memories centered around the countless imaginative games and activities my siblings and I played for hours on end. From “Lava Monster” and “Statue Maker” to sketching our dream homes that consisted of trampoline hallways and candy rooms, we were never bored and always busy. We were encouraged to use our minds to build our own fun and I truly believe these skills help me thrive to this day in both my personal and professional lives.

In many ways, the play I engaged in as a child was simply training for the day I was able to focus my creative energy and turn it into a business. In 2006, I started a medical marketing company that specialized in working with physicians, healthcare companies, and sales representatives. The company brought a creative lens to the medical space by offering innovative and unique solutions to present patient information. Over a decade, I was fortunate to share the creative message of the company with physicians around the world through over 500 lectures I delivered in Australia, Canada, China, England, France, India, Italy, Turkey and at over 100 national conferences throughout the United States. It was during this time that I truly saw the benefit of holding on to the delicate part of our minds that allows us to think beyond boundaries, to create from a raw space, and to use our “creative muscles.” I saw that, just as some train for marathons, football, or swimming, creativity and the muscles of the mind can be exercised and strengthened with practice. Many adults have forgotten how to tap into their imaginations and engaging in few creative exercises, much like children do in play, can unlock bold new solutions to everyday problems.

During my time working with physicians, I had three medical marketing books published and wrote over 100 magazine and journal articles. It was during this time that my life-long love of the written word was heightened. I find writing to be an artistic expression and a tremendous creative outlet. In 2014, my medical marketing company was sold, which allowed me time to explore other interests, including writing children’s books. I have always found that some of life’s most important lessons are taught through books for early readers. I love the way complex concepts (kindness, patience, and love to name a few) are presented in a simple yet impactful way. Through captivating illustrations and carefully constructed words, valuable lessons come to life for children and adults to reflect on.

By encouraging kids to use and hold onto their creative talents, you are doing more than passing the time with play. You are helping them grow and develop crucial life skills. My hope is that this book can spark at least one creative thought in the minds of the children in your life. Whether they finish the story and want to draw, make paper airplanes, or embark on their own pirate adventure, my wish is that this book can interrupt a TV show or video game long enough to encourage children everywhere to exercise their creative muscles and dream.

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